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03.13.14 9463
Zoom flexcomics:

He does it for the tacos #deadpull #flexcomics


He does it for the tacos #deadpull #flexcomics

02.04.14 376
Drunk music appreciation homework.

La dee da.

11.24.13 0
I wasn’t going to go to the gym today because I’m a loser…

but seeing all of these Fitblrs and some smokin’ muscular women reminded my I need to get my lazy ass out and pack on some muscle.

Get swole!

10.21.13 1
10.21.13 10572
10.21.13 1961
I started deadlifting today.

Bring on the bulk and brawn. I will lift you to shreds.

10.08.13 0


the fact that i have to choose between my grades and my own mental and physical health is really fucked up

10.07.13 264696
Zoom worldsmostmotivationalphotos:
10.03.13 42